Prepping for my kids future..

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Thomas Zerbarini Flying in GA
Grabbing some afternoon flight time.

I was out again today getting in some needed afternoon flying. Today we flew to Athens, GA and went for lunch to a very cool Peruvian Cafe. We had a little IFR weather out there; but, it quickly burned off as the sun warmed it up.

I wish my kids were here with me enjoying this too. I’m certain they would be nosed pressed to the windows. I even think they’d love getting on the controls and doing a little flying themselves. I’m ready for them!



Check-out more photos of my days adventure: Tom Zerbarini Flying

General Aviation is a hidden gem for Americans. The Freedom to fly anywhere at anytime here in the United States is such a privilege afforded to us because of our American Liberties and Freedom. I am proud to say over these last few years I have become more proud and respectful for my Freedom and Constitutional Rights.

Thomas E. Zerbarini


Looking Forward to Teaching My Kids How To Fly before they Drive…

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Check out the new ride…

Looking forward to teaching my wonderful kids how to fly before they drive.

Did a couple of touch-n-Go’s at Falcon Field tonight and flew over the Planterra home at Lake Macintosh. Cool as stuff!

We’re getting closer and closer to the truth and happy reunification. I love my kids more than anything in this world and I look forward to sharing the world with them.

Thomas Zerbarini

Happy Birthday Wish to Alexandria!

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Today is my precious girls 12th Birthday. I miss her so very much. This is the third Birthday without my Pumpkin in my daily life. It has been utter torture these three years, being forced into silence and alienated from my babies.

Alexandria’s birthday falls on the first day of Summer and her birthday always marked the beginning of summer vacation and all the family fun we would have together.

I miss our days at the pool and competing with the swim team, the Penguins.

Alexandria and Daddy at swim competition
Alexandria and Daddy at the Planterra Penguins swim meet in the summer of 2013.

I miss the summer airshow at the beach.

Alexandria at the Beach
Alexandria fell back in her chair at the Jones Beach Airshow 2014.

I miss the blast we’d have at the water parks.

Alexandria at the pool
Alexandria at the pool with Matthew in the background.

I miss my kids helping me labor out in the yard with the weeds and trimming the bushes.

I miss everything about her and being there for her all the time.

Thomas and Alexandria Zerbarini
Thomas and Alexandria Zerbarini going to the Daddy and Daughter Dance in 2014.

I Love her so very much and look forward to seeing her and her brothers and sisters soon.

The best gift I can give to my Pumpkin for now is to tell her I’m doing all I can to fight for her and that this will end soon. I will never give up on them and that they are NOT victims of abuse by me whatsoever nor is anyone else.  Im being patient, hopeful and praying for a speedy resolution.

I wish I could say Happy Birthday Alexandria to my beautiful Pumpkin!

Love Daddy


Happy Fathers Day!

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I miss my children everyday. I especially miss my children today on Fathers Day.


I’m fighting for them, for us very aggressively with integrity. If I could speak to them now I would tell them I Love them very very much and miss them immensely; You mean everything to me Matthew, Alexandria, Theresa and John Zerbarini. I will never give up on you, on us.

What more can I say?

The best song that captures the feeling:

Fighting for My Children…

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With Truth, Integrity and a Positive attitude, on June 5th, 2017 I’m driving once again to Court to stand up and fight for my absconded children. It’s coming up three years since I’ve seen my precious and loving kids.

Thomas Zerbarini off to court
June 5, 2017. I’m off to court to fight form my children after they’ve been abducted from me and their home out of the State of GA.

I will never give up, I will never quit fighting for them. That’s a promise you can keep in your heart and soul.

Learn more about what’s going on here!

Truth is singular, versions of it are Mistruths.

Thomas Zerbarini

Happy 6th Birthday Wish to John Zerbarini

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May 25, 2017


Today is my youngest sons 6th Birthday. I miss him so very much since he’s been away these grueling 1046 days. I miss the time lost and taken from us. I miss his little voice in the morning while I made coffee asking, “play with me Daddy, play cars and trains with me Daddy?”

First Officer John Zerbarini smiles
First Officer John Zerbarini in the cockpit of a BE200 with Thomas Zerbarini. I’m sure he liked the plane more than the little bag of cookies. Win Win!

I built my boys a play table for trains and cars that my older son Matthew handed down to John. He loved that table and all the fun things we would build together. He would spend hours on that table in his own little world and imagination much like I did when I was 4 years old.


John and I lost that table and all his cars and trains in the midst of our family crisis. I’ve been searching and piecing together those lost classic matchbox cars and Thomas wooden trains ever since. He loved those battery operated engines. It was nice to see him so excited about them.

Tom and John Zerbarini
Holding my little big boy on the Disney bus.

I would say to him: I have my own private Birthday wish for you John and I’m sure its the same as yours too. I would pick you up and give you the biggest hug and kisses for your Birthday and would never let you go the whole day. I Love you so very much my Birthday boy, my “Big Boy!”


Love Daddy

Thomas Zerbarini

Captain Dad: a daughters perspective and experience

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This is a wonderful account of the ups and downs, “baddah bump,” from a British Airlines Captains daughter growing up with a Dad as an airline pilot and Captain. I’m sure my sons and daughters have similar feelings and joys to share about their Dad being an airline pilot.

Alexandria in the Cockpit with Daddy
This is my daughter Alexandria in the cockpit with Daddy. Thomas Zerbarini is taking the picture with John in his lap. Alexandria always charmed her way into a seat when visiting the pilots.

I didn’t experience the silent treatment nor sobbing departures. The departures were difficult but I would promise to kiss and hug them goodbye no matter how late or early if they were asleep. Also, my trips were mostly 4 day trips and I would call them nightly before bed or at dinner time to hear about their day.

First Officer John Zerbarini
My son John commanding the controls with Thomas Zerbarini in a Beach B200 in Kennesaw, GA.

We definitely enjoyed the perks of travel and time off. I mostly worked the minimum I could to spend as much time with my kids and their school events and field trips. They’d even began to travel with me on my weekend trips when I had long layovers…they were the most fun experiences for me at work.

I enjoy hearing from other kids and adult children of airline pilots on their perspective on growing up and home life.

Enjoy this one from BALPA:

Emma Chisholm

Such is the nature of this career, it’s not only pilots themselves who are affected by the long hours, early starts and days away from home, these are felt by the rest of the family, too. Former BALPA employee and daughter of a pilot, Emma Chisholm, gives her account of growing up with Captain Dad.

One of my earliest memories as a child is hearing my father get up early and me rushing downstairs to cling to his leg so he couldn’t leave us for another week. After some effort on my dad’s part to prise me off, I watched sobbing as his car disappeared down the road. A week later he would return and I would ignore him for at least three days as an infantile means of punishment for leaving me.

As a parent now, I can imagine this must have been tough on my dad. But also as an adult I can reflect on just how much he meant to me (and still does) and how his role as a pilot elevated him to hero status in my eyes.

I was lucky enough to go on many trips with him and even luckier that I could sit behind him on the flightdeck. I loved to watch him prepare the aircraft for take-off and listen in on the super-serious communications with air traffic control. As we rumbled down the runway it was my dad’s hand on the throttle, he was making this machine fly!

The upside to being the child of a pilot is, of course, staff travel. I was lucky enough to travel the world throughout my childhood years and, as he became more senior, in rather lovely seats. They say youth is wasted on the young, and as the (now grown up) daughter of a pilot I can say that staff travel is wasted on children! As I turn right on every aircraft I board with my three tired/hungry/emotional children in tow I look longingly at the ‘comfy’ seats before the dividing curtain is whisked shut to spare the premium passengers the sight of my unruly brood.

Of course, there were downsides. Fatigue was a problem then, as it is today, and I remember dad was often tired or sleeping at odd times of the day. When dad had returned from a night flight (and I had passed my ‘ignoring for three days’ phase), I would wake him up by peeling open his eyelids “Daddy, wake up!” which was met with much grunting and grumbling. Incidentally, my father recently performed the ‘eyelid opening’ on me when I was having a sleep as revenge.

Then of course there were the missed birthdays and Christmases or the many childhood events where dad couldn’t come because he was either sleeping before a flight, away on a trip or sleeping after a flight. I find it hard enough when my husband is away for work for a couple of days, so I can imagine the repeated absences and ongoing tiredness/sleeping must have been hard on my mum.

But despite all of this, I grew up wanting to be a pilot, like my dad. I joined the air cadets and applied for the British Airways cadet scheme. Fortunately, for the safety of the travelling public, but less fortunately for me, I didn’t succeed and moved rather tangentially into a career in communications. But my love of aviation, from the love of my father, soon drew me back towards the airport and I have since been working in aviation communications.

I love airports, I love the smell of aviation fuel, I love the sound of jet engines and the sight of a 747 on final approach over our local park has me staring skywards until it’s out of sight. I am sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day with me!

My father finished his career with four years at the cargo operator GSS, an airline which sadly no longer exists. He loved these last years, the trips were interesting, the cargo was interesting (anything from formula one cars to rhinos!) and there were no passengers or crew to deal with. I, however, was dreading his retirement. I worried about how my relationship with my father would change when he was no longer the ‘man who could make planes take off’.

I wanted to be there to see dad’s last landing and thankfully GSS were kind enough to arrange for that to happen. He had no clue we were there and once he realised it was us standing on the tarmac by the marshaller he was so overcome with emotion that his legs went to jelly and he had to ask his co-pilot to apply the brakes. And then it happened… my dad descended the aircraft steps, gave the nose wheel a kiss and his career as a pilot was over. No party, no gifts just the crew bus to the carpark and a long drive home to Sussex.

Five years on and I am pleased to report my father is very happy to have traded the 18 wheels of his 747 for the four wheels of his beloved car. He has far more energy, far fewer illnesses and is delighting in spending quality time with his grandchildren. My fears about our relationship have proved unfounded as the passion he had for flying he has completely redirected into being an incredible grandfather. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for me and my family. My father may no longer a pilot, but he is still my hero. Except when he peels open my eyelids.

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