I Love my Kids!

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I Look forward to the day I can hold them in my arms again! I will fight until my last breath to make sure they are safe, loved and blessed with the opportunity to grow into amazing adults. My kids know the Truth – that their Daddy loves them and is fighting for them every day! I still have FOUR (4!) years of Christmas/Birthdays to share with them! No lies, no matter how staunchly put forward will overcome Love and Light!Apple Phone 1027


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I wanted to wish my family, friends and especially my four beautiful children a very Happy Thanksgiving.


I am so thankful for Matthew, Alexandria, Theresa and John. I am honored and blessed to be their Father and to have them in my life. Each of them have touched and changed me the day they were born. Their presence in my life has touched my heart and soul and made me want to be the best Father and person. They are great kids and we have a wonderful life and future ahead of us.

Here’s one of our favorite things to do around Thanksgiving…

Apple Phone 1027.jpg

It’s been a while since we’ve been there, we always had a blast together

Apple Phone 1039.jpg

Thomas Zerbarini


What is the health requirement to be a commercial pilot?

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In the United Sates the FAA sets parameters for three levels of Medical Certification of Certificated Pilots. Third, Second and First. You can find a synopsis of medical standards at the FAA’s medical examiners website.

Synopsis of Medical Standards – Revised April 3, 2006:

Summary of Medical Standards

Visit the FAA website links below for more information on the requirements and duration of these three medical certifications.

Third Class Medicals:

Until recently, the FAA has required private, recreational, and student pilots, as well as flight instructors, to meet the requirements of and hold a third class medical certificate. They are required to complete an online application and undergo a physical examination with an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner. A medical certificate is valid for five years for pilots under age 40 and two years for pilots age 40 and over.

Beginning on May 1, pilots may take advantage of the regulatory relief in the BasicMed rule or opt to continue to use their FAA medical certificate. Under BasicMed, a pilot will be required to complete a medical education course, undergo a medical examination every four years, and comply with aircraft and operating restrictions. For example, pilots using BasicMed cannot operate an aircraft with more than six people onboard and the aircraft must not weigh more than 6,000 pounds.

For Second and First Class Medicals:

§61.23 Medical certificates: Requirement and duration.

Thomas Zerbarini

Happy Birthday Theresa, My Sweet Pea!

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Theresa Zerbarini
Thomas Zerbarini’s precious Sweat Pea Theresa Zerbarini.

Today is my Sweet Pea’s 8th birthday. I wish I could tell her Happy Birthday and give her a big hug and kiss from her Daddy. I miss her so much I’d scoop her up, hold onto her all day and just talk about anything and everything we’ve missed and all the fun things she wants to do and see.

Her Daddy has a broken heart and tears up with Love and sadness when he thinks about her, how much he has missed. I last saw my precious Theresa when she was 4 years old. The last words I have heard her speak are “I Love my Daddy and I miss my Daddy.”

Theresa Zerbarini with Daddy
Theresa, Tom and the kids rough housing in the Living room.

Theresa was always so energetic, happy, laughing and joking around with big grinning smiles. Now, all I see in pictures is a drawn face and sad disconnected smile. I’m sad too Sweat Pea; I’m looking forward to turning our frowns upside down real soon. Your Daddy never forgot you or gave up on us. I know it’s been so long, frustrating and confusing for everyone we have to patient and steadfast in our resolve. I love my children too much to make hasty mistakes.

I have the truth and facts in our favor and we simply have to be patient. Get ready because there is a super bright light at the end of this tunnel for all of us.

I Love you so very very much my Sweet Pea, my tiny Theresa! She always has and always will have a special place in my heart and soul just for her.

Theresa and Daddy together
Theresa and Daddy at the Smith 50th posing for a group photo.

From a Loving Grieving Father–Theresa’s Daddy

Thomas Zerbarini Children on Fathers Day!
Thomas Zerbarini Children on Fathers Day in South Carolina.


Happy Birthday Matthew, Kiddo! My Son!

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I miss my boy immensely. I want to wish him a very Happy Birthday from the warmest center of my heart. I keep him and his brother and sisters in my heart and thoughts daily.

Matthew the handsome
My handsome boy, Thomas Zerbarini

I deeply love my son, my heart hurts to be separated from him and his brother and sisters, especially for this long. I wish Matthew the happiest Birthday wish a Father could wish his son. I’m so proud of him and his accomplishments at school; and, his taking care of Alexandria, Theresa and John…I know he is because that’s the kind and caring hearted person he was, going above and beyond to help others and make them feel better.


The best Birthday gift I can give him now (besides the cool Robot kit) is the assurance that I LOVE him dearly and I’m standing up to the Bullies that have ripped us and this family apart–We will be reunited soon; and, we’ll have the rest of our lives to make up and rebuild all we have lost, including:

  • Our talks, helping him through life ups-and-downs, like battling evil forces…
Matthew Vs Darth Vader 3
Matthew light saber fighting with Darth Vader with Alexandria and Thomas Zerbarini
  • Helping him with school and relationships, school can be fun you know…
Here comes the bus...
Here comes the bus…
  • Teaching him to drive the Golf Cart and eventually his own Car…
Our Golf Cart, Thomas Zerbarini
Our Golf Cart, Thomas Zerbarini
  • Teaching him how to fly and take care of airplanes…
Great Day for Flying! Thomas Zerbarini
Great Day for Flying! Fueling up in Alabama. Thomas Zerbarini
  • Our BIG hugs and just spending fun time together…


  • Our missed vacations Skiing, Water Park, Camping, Sailing, and just being adventurous, like when he and everyone came to work to surprise me on Fathers Day…


  • Seeing him perform and compete in school events, swimming and Cross Country running. I look forward to recapturing and making new memories with him.

Even as I write this, I know those surrounding him have stepped up their pressured influence, manipulation and continued mantra of untrue statements. They will continue to say things like “your Dad’s a manipulator,” and, “your Dad will lie and say anything…” and, “there’s something broken in his head,” even, “Daddy did this to us, it’s all his fault…” Those and all their hateful statements are simply untrue. I am firmly planted in the truth and I relish the day I will prove it to him and his siblings this December.

If I could, I would share with Matthew a statement from a young teenage girl that was ripped from her father. During a divorce, the other parent wanted full custody and control over the children. The teenage girl was coerced by surrounding family members, therapists and social workers. The conflicting feeling inside her to what they were saying  eventually helped her realize that the truth resided in her. So, she wanted to share something very important to other kids dealing with the same thing she went through…

Advice from an Alienated child...
Advice from an Alienated child…

All my LOVE Matthew, I miss him so very much!


Turning wrenches on the Piper Arrow in Peachtree City.

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Thomas Zerbarini Cowling Removed
Thomas Zerbarini at the hanger in Peachtree City GA working on the Piper Arrow.

We were busy all day last Monday turning wrenches and removing all four cylinders on the Piper Arrow. It was a gorgeous day and a lot of friends and fellow aviators were out and about at the airport.

Nice Day for Aircraft Mx Thomas Zerbarini
Nice Day for Aircraft Mx here in Peachtree City, GA. Thomas Zerbarini

It’s been years since I worked on an airplane like this. We used to work on our own planes, under certified mechanic supervision of course, when we owned the flight school on Long Island, NY. It’s important to be organized and get your game face on when working on airplanes.

Tom's Monkey Wrench Face
Getting my Monkey Wrench face on to remove the cylinder bolts.

With the right tools and great guidance from the supervising mechanic, the work is easy and fun. It’s incredible how clean and like new this engine is on the inside and out.


Just look at the inside of this engine. It’s very impressive.

Cylinder inside view
This is a 1973 original IO-360 cylinder on the inside.

We originally intended to replace all the cylinder with new ones; but, when we saw how clean and like new they were, we just cleaned them up and reinstalled them.

These are the projects and moments I wish I were sharing with my children right now. I’m sure at least one of my kids would love to get greasy and dirty working on airplanes. By this time next year we should be months into catching up on all that lost time.

I’m looking forward to teaching them the ins-and-outs of airplanes and how to take care of them. Understanding how aircraft work internally and respecting good care and maintenance is an important element to a competent pilots foundation. Of course the best part of working on airplane is getting to test fly them when your done.

Thomas Zerbarini at the hanger.
Thomas Zerbarini at the hanger getting ready to test fly the Arrow.

Thomas Zerbarini


Today is my birthday and no one wished me “Happy birthday.” I feel really sad and unimportant. What can I do to make myself feel better?

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Today is my birthday and no one wished me “Happy birthday.” I feel really sad and unimportant. What can I do to make myself feel better?

Happy Birthday!!!!!!


You’ve done the first best thing to help make yourself feel better, you’ve reached out to others. I can relate to how you feel, I too feel that others have forgotten me or overlooked me in some way or another in the past. What I do to make myself feel better is to reach out to others and have some dialogue and contact. I’ll usually go to mass early and get time there before I head out for the day.

After church if I have nobody to hang out with or visit, I’ll also go out to a public place and interact with others, have a meal in public, go to a bar-n-grill and interact with people there. I have also in the past volunteered at the food pantries and soup kitchens to just be with others and be helpful.

The most powerful thing that I do is to plan ahead for mine and others Birthday’s and special occasions. I don’t like what if feels like to be left out or forgotten. So, I make it a point to remember others as often as I can for their special days during the year.

For myself, if it looks like I’ll be looked over, I’ll try to plan a dinner, BBQ, outing or meet up with friends on my Birthday or special day so I know that I’ll be busy and engaged for the day. It usually works out.

So, don’t be upset and put off because others have forgotten your Birthday. We are all busy and forgetful. I’m certain no-one has forgotten on purpose. Sometimes we just need to remind others that there are special events coming up for us that we want them to remember and acknowledge.

If we ourselves are mindful to others and remember the small special things that are important to them, they’re more likely to remember ours.

Thomas Zerbarini