Today is my birthday and no one wished me “Happy birthday.” I feel really sad and unimportant. What can I do to make myself feel better?

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Today is my birthday and no one wished me “Happy birthday.” I feel really sad and unimportant. What can I do to make myself feel better?

Happy Birthday!!!!!!


You’ve done the first best thing to help make yourself feel better, you’ve reached out to others. I can relate to how you feel, I too feel that others have forgotten me or overlooked me in some way or another in the past. What I do to make myself feel better is to reach out to others and have some dialogue and contact. I’ll usually go to mass early and get time there before I head out for the day.

After church if I have nobody to hang out with or visit, I’ll also go out to a public place and interact with others, have a meal in public, go to a bar-n-grill and interact with people there. I have also in the past volunteered at the food pantries and soup kitchens to just be with others and be helpful.

The most powerful thing that I do is to plan ahead for mine and others Birthday’s and special occasions. I don’t like what if feels like to be left out or forgotten. So, I make it a point to remember others as often as I can for their special days during the year.

For myself, if it looks like I’ll be looked over, I’ll try to plan a dinner, BBQ, outing or meet up with friends on my Birthday or special day so I know that I’ll be busy and engaged for the day. It usually works out.

So, don’t be upset and put off because others have forgotten your Birthday. We are all busy and forgetful. I’m certain no-one has forgotten on purpose. Sometimes we just need to remind others that there are special events coming up for us that we want them to remember and acknowledge.

If we ourselves are mindful to others and remember the small special things that are important to them, they’re more likely to remember ours.

Thomas Zerbarini


2017 Zerbarini Solar Eclipse Experience

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This was such an awesome experience I wish I was able to share it with my kids. I’ll definitely make it a Family adventure during the next Solar Eclipse coming up.

2017 Eclipse Day 23 Thomas Zerbarini
Wishing I was experiencing this with my kids. Freakin’ Bummer!

I had now idea it would be both fun and exciting to watch and witness such an event. It definitely fits in that category of things that you would never expect to be so cool!

It’s almost as excilerating as watching the space shuttle launch. Almost!

Well, enjoy these photos…the next time I’ll be with my children and we’ll take lots of photo then too.

What are the 3 golden words of your life except ‘I love you’?

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Keep Moving Forward!

From that wonderful Disney movie, The Robinsons. What a wonderful theme and message for youngsters and adults alike.

It’s okay and expected to make mistakes and goof things up from time to time. Growth and learning comes from those mistakes and moving forward, trying and trying again until we get it right or figure it out.

Let go of the failures and embrace the successes.

Thomas Zerbarini


Prepping for my kids future..

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Thomas Zerbarini Flying in GA
Grabbing some afternoon flight time.

I was out again today getting in some needed afternoon flying. Today we flew to Athens, GA and went for lunch to a very cool Peruvian Cafe. We had a little IFR weather out there; but, it quickly burned off as the sun warmed it up.

I wish my kids were here with me enjoying this too. I’m certain they would be nosed pressed to the windows. I even think they’d love getting on the controls and doing a little flying themselves. I’m ready for them!



Check-out more photos of my days adventure: Tom Zerbarini Flying

General Aviation is a hidden gem for Americans. The Freedom to fly anywhere at anytime here in the United States is such a privilege afforded to us because of our American Liberties and Freedom. I am proud to say over these last few years I have become more proud and respectful for my Freedom and Constitutional Rights.

Thomas E. Zerbarini

Looking Forward to Teaching My Kids How To Fly before they Drive…

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Check out the new ride…

Looking forward to teaching my wonderful kids how to fly before they drive.

Did a couple of touch-n-Go’s at Falcon Field tonight and flew over the Planterra home at Lake Macintosh. Cool as stuff!

We’re getting closer and closer to the truth and happy reunification. I love my kids more than anything in this world and I look forward to sharing the world with them.

Thomas Zerbarini

Happy Birthday Wish to Alexandria!

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Today is my precious girls 12th Birthday. I miss her so very much. This is the third Birthday without my Pumpkin in my daily life. It has been utter torture these three years, being forced into silence and alienated from my babies.

Alexandria’s birthday falls on the first day of Summer and her birthday always marked the beginning of summer vacation and all the family fun we would have together.

I miss our days at the pool and competing with the swim team, the Penguins.

Alexandria and Daddy at swim competition
Alexandria and Daddy at the Planterra Penguins swim meet in the summer of 2013.

I miss the summer airshow at the beach.

Alexandria at the Beach
Alexandria fell back in her chair at the Jones Beach Airshow 2014.

I miss the blast we’d have at the water parks.

Alexandria at the pool
Alexandria at the pool with Matthew in the background.

I miss my kids helping me labor out in the yard with the weeds and trimming the bushes.

I miss everything about her and being there for her all the time.

Thomas and Alexandria Zerbarini
Thomas and Alexandria Zerbarini going to the Daddy and Daughter Dance in 2014.

I Love her so very much and look forward to seeing her and her brothers and sisters soon.

The best gift I can give to my Pumpkin for now is to tell her I’m doing all I can to fight for her and that this will end soon. I will never give up on them and that they are NOT victims of abuse by me whatsoever nor is anyone else.  Im being patient, hopeful and praying for a speedy resolution.

I wish I could say Happy Birthday Alexandria to my beautiful Pumpkin!

Love Daddy


Happy Fathers Day!

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I miss my children everyday. I especially miss my children today on Fathers Day.


I’m fighting for them, for us very aggressively with integrity. If I could speak to them now I would tell them I Love them very very much and miss them immensely; You mean everything to me Matthew, Alexandria, Theresa and John Zerbarini. I will never give up on you, on us.

What more can I say?

The best song that captures the feeling: