Thomas Zerbarini – About

Thomas has been an aviation enthusiast since he was 8 years old. He was fascinated with large machines and the thought of piloting them. That fascination was galvanized when he first sat in the cockpit of a large aircraft and put his hands on the controls. All those switches dials and controls captured him and his sense of adventure. Since then, you can say he always had an eye on the sky.

Early in his career he had a knack for mastering complex aircraft quickly which proved to be an asset to him and his employers. He prides himself in his commitment to safety, professionalism and customer service while maintaining a comfortable yet disciplined cockpit environment. His leading asset as a person and as an aviation professional is his desire to continuously seek to improve his skills and himself. Whether it’s navigating challenging weather, interacting with a customer, or handling his personal affairs, he makes an effort to do it better.

As passionate and committed as he is to his profession, he is equally passionate and dedicated to his family and 4 wonderful children. Balancing family life and his career is an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor he is proud to embrace.

Thomas Zerbarini’s Specialties: Safety, Integrity, Professionalism, Conflict Resolution, Accountability, Communications, Project Management and Customer Service.


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