Month: August 2017

2017 Zerbarini Solar Eclipse Experience

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This was such an awesome experience I wish I was able to share it with my kids. I’ll definitely make it a Family adventure during the next Solar Eclipse coming up.

2017 Eclipse Day 23 Thomas Zerbarini
Wishing I was experiencing this with my kids. Freakin’ Bummer!

I had now idea it would be both fun and exciting to watch and witness such an event. It definitely fits in that category of things that you would never expect to be so cool!

It’s almost as excilerating as watching the space shuttle launch. Almost!

Well, enjoy these photos…the next time I’ll be with my children and we’ll take lots of photo then too.


What are the 3 golden words of your life except ‘I love you’?

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Keep Moving Forward!

From that wonderful Disney movie, The Robinsons. What a wonderful theme and message for youngsters and adults alike.

It’s okay and expected to make mistakes and goof things up from time to time. Growth and learning comes from those mistakes and moving forward, trying and trying again until we get it right or figure it out.

Let go of the failures and embrace the successes.

Thomas Zerbarini