Prepping for my kids future..

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Thomas Zerbarini Flying in GA
Grabbing some afternoon flight time.

I was out again today getting in some needed afternoon flying. Today we flew to Athens, GA and went for lunch to a very cool Peruvian Cafe. We had a little IFR weather out there; but, it quickly burned off as the sun warmed it up.

I wish my kids were here with me enjoying this too. I’m certain they would be nosed pressed to the windows. I even think they’d love getting on the controls and doing a little flying themselves. I’m ready for them!



Check-out more photos of my days adventure: Tom Zerbarini Flying

General Aviation is a hidden gem for Americans. The Freedom to fly anywhere at anytime here in the United States is such a privilege afforded to us because of our American Liberties and Freedom. I am proud to say over these last few years I have become more proud and respectful for my Freedom and Constitutional Rights.

Thomas E. Zerbarini


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