How We Treat Each Other…

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I think Tim is experiencing, in a way, what I have experienced these last few years.

My plight is a little more dramatic than Tim’s; but, what I’m learning is essentially the same.

I have experienced betrayal, loss, anguish and uncertainty. Instead of lashing out and losing myself to sadness, I’ve chosen to embrace and learn more from myself, how and why people live and act the way they do. I tried to understand people and how they behave in relationships. Even in great despair, war, family loss there is always Joy and happiness in our hearts to tap into and not succumb to hate and anger. Tapping into that kindness for others is infectious and feels good, really good. It’s uplifting to smile be kind and help someone, than to succumb to hate, anger and fear.

I’ve found that those whom have lost so much or have little for themselves tend to be the first to give, help and lift others up.

Keep going Tim. It’s uplifting to see more positive “giving” stories about how we help each other. Thank-you!


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