Is it a good idea to become an airline pilot now?

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My answer to Is it a good idea to become an airline pilot now?

Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

It’s always a great time to become an airline pilot if you have a passion for it. Over the next 30 years, there will be a shortage of qualified and available pilots. So Yes! It is a great time to become an airline pilot.

  • Will passenger planes be pilotless in 25-30 years from now ?

No, Passenger planes will always have a pilot onboard. There maybe ground based linked relief pilots or similar in the future. I for one do not believe that safety and security issues will allow the ground based links though. And, I believe that passenger perceptions and concerns will demand a human pilot on board with them.

  • What is the average pilot salary for 1st year F/O in Europa and Canada ? (A320 or B737 pilot)

First year pay is relatively low still; yet, it is climbing with the use of bonuses and incentives. Average starting pay is around $40,000-$60,000/yr for Canada. Check out this website for more airlines:

Canadian |

  • Will pilot salaries decrease in the future ?

Not likely. The supply and demand principles would apply here. Salaries should actually go up as the demand for pilots grows. Countries in Asia and Africa are struggling to find qualified and experienced pilots. Many foreign airlines are offering attractive pay/benefits upward of $300,000/yr for experienced captains.

If you want to be an airline pilot, go for it. Just be sure you like the lifestyle and travel. It can be challenging, although not impossible, raising a family when you’re on the road. It takes a strong, flexible trusting partner to pull that off. But, that’s a little off topic for this answer. Just do your homework and set your goals. Most of all, do what you love to. Make it a career, not a job.

Thomas E Zerbarini

Is it a good idea to become an airline pilot now?


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