Does the Cessna 206 require a type rating to fly it?

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My answer to Does the Cessna 206 require a type rating to fly it?

Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

A Cessna 206 does not require a specific type rating.

The aircraft in the picture (C206 with floats) you provided requires at least a Private Pilot Certificate with a Single Engine Sea rating.

A type certificate is required of all aircraft over 12,500 lbs Maximum Certificated Takeoff Weight (MCTOW) and/or be a jet aircraft, or specifically required by the FAA.

Here is a copy of the FAA regulations via the Cornell University Law website:

14 CFR 61.31 – Type rating requirements, additional training, and authorization requirements.

Of course all turbo-jet airplane requires a type rating as per the regulations. A few odd airplanes also require a type rating. A typical large non-turbo-jet airplane that requires a type rating include most large turbo-prop aircraft like the Embrear E-120:

An example of a Single-Eingine aircraft that would require a type rating is the Antonov AN-3. It’s MGTOW is over 12,500 lbs:

Here is the cockpit of the AN-3

Now, I can’t think of an aircraft that is less than 12,500 lbs and is not a turbo-jet aircraft that requires a special type rating; but, the Mitsubishi MU-2 comes pretty close. It requires a special training and operating requirement by the FAA. “SFAR 108” is a special Federal Aviation Regulation for the MU-2 that requires specific training, experience and operating procedures. The SFAR was introduced because of the complexity and handling characteristics of the MU-2 that sparked many fatal accidents. Since the implementation of the SFAR, the safety record of the MU-2 drastically improved.

MU-2 Cockpit:

Thomas Zerbarini

Does the Cessna 206 require a type rating to fly it?


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