Why do people want children when some day the children will move out and have their own life?

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That’s just how you build a family. Raising children and sharing the love and joy we all are capable of to another person. It’s just such a positive thing for me, them and the world.

I knew I wanted children when I was younger. I really didn’t think too much of it though. Now, that I have four kids and I’m able to see myself in their personalities as well as the individualism each one of them have just blow’s me away.  I couldn’t imagine life without them in it. Sure it’ll be tough when they leave the nest. It’ll just be a different relationship as they grow to adulthood.

For now, I want to treasure every moment I can as they grow up. I look forward to recapturing lost time as well. As life events keep us apart from time to time, I can feel the “missing” and “loss” in my heart and I know they feel it too.

So for me, having children fills the world with loving little versions of us. And keeps the family going and growing.

Thomas Zerbarini

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