How do I become a flight instructor after getting cpl in USA?

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First get your Basic, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificates. These are merely exams and they issue you a certificate at the local FAA office when you bring your tests in to them. These exams are great knowledge preparation for your Instructor training.

Next, get your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) written and Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) written complete.

After your written exams are complete, it’s time to develop all your lesson plans for each certificate and rating you will teach. Also, create a library of documents and books you would use to teach your students and hand-outs or text books you would require them to obtain during training.

When you have completed your ground prep, then it’s time to fly from the right seat with an experienced flight instructor for your lessons and spin endorsements.

Once you’ve gained proficiency in teaching and flying from the right seat, you’ll get a sign off from your instructor to take the practical test.

Here are the test standards for Instructors in the USA:

Practical Test Standards (PTS)

Becoming a flight instructor is the best way to really “learn” about flying and about flying with other people. When you have to explain what to do, you have to think about what you’re doing differently to get your point across. Also, students experience and listen differently. It may take several different approaches or teaching methods to teach one person from the other.

I loved teaching and find I always learn something new from every class and every student.

Thomas Zerbarini

How do I become a flight instructor after getting cpl in USA?


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