Why Children Need Their Dads

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Why Daughters Need Their Dads

I wholeheartedly agree. Positive in, positive out. Garbage in, garbage out. It applies to boys as well.

Parenting is such huge responsibility that shapes the minds, perceptions, behaviors and futures of our children. Environment is everything. Place a child in a loving nurturing environment with good ethics and morals, the child is most likely to be balanced, positive, loving and successful.

What if we placed a child in the opposite environment?

Consider the affects on a child(ren) that is torn away from their father or mother and surrounded by anger, shame, negativity, sly comments and many other negative stereotyping suggestions about the other parent. Imagine the confusion and conflict that will rage in the hearts and minds of these fragile children.

Eventually, the child will default into survival mode and align with the environment by which they are surrounded. If it’s the negative environment, they will eventually act and believe the negativity they are surrounded by. If it’s positive, well, you get the idea.

Our minds are incredibly fragile and malleable, especially children. They will believe whatever they are told, or influenced. To surround them with negativity especially when it comes to another loved one can be considered abusive.

So, why would we do anything but surround them with immense love and positive parenting?

Thomas Zerbarini


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