Who teaches the top aerobatic pilots?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

You have to look at aerobatics like any other sport. Consider any top athlete and you’ll find that their road to the top was diverse and relied heavily on self discipline, goal setting, tenacity, practice practice practice, etc.


If you pick any top aerobatics pilot you’ll probably find that most of them were trained basic aerobatics in the military or were taught basic aerobatics at an early age. You’ll also find that they tend to be top achievers, successful, and driven at whatever they aim to accomplish.


To see who teaches these top aerobatics pilots, take a look at some of the top military air forces like the United States, Israel, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Russia, Australia, Canada and so on.


If you want to see who teaches aerobatics around the world check out this website for a listing:



Two of my personal favorite aerobatic pilots are Patty Wagstaff and Bob Hoover. I saw them both years ago and they were spectacular. I was especially impressed with Captain Hoover and his dead stick aerobatics in his twin engine Shrike Aero Commander. WoW! was that impressive. See for yourself:


Bob even poured iced tea from a pitcher to a glass while rolling to show the positive g force in the maneuver.


Patty has competed for many years and I believe she still performs in airshow around the country.


Patty also has a Aerobatic Flight School in Florida:


I guess you can sum it up by saying you can’t teach someone to be a top aerobatic pilot or athlete, it’s something that you learn and earn.


Thomas Zerbarini

Who teaches the top aerobatic pilots?


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