What subjects should I be good to be an airline pilot am in secondary?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your question Jose.

Here are some thoughts on basic skills you should be working on while in school and college. Do the best you can at whatever you do. Starting with school, get the best grades you can. Complete your work on time. Participate in class. Work through those uncomfortable moments like public speaking and raising your hand in class. You'll also want to find ways to motivate you through those boring moments when you're studying. That a great skill to have–being a self motivator and self starter.

Volunteer, help out others in need and do the best you can when you're volunteering. Be on time! In fact, make it a point to arrive a little early to whatever you do or wherever you're going.

You will need a college degree. Take a look at some colleges and their degree requirements. Here is an example from Thomas Edison State College:

Aviation Flight Technology

As you look through the various colleges like this one, you'll see the type of classes you'll be taking to complete your degree. I would recommend you look through a few and get an idea of what subjects you can focus on while your in secondary.

I would also recommend taking a few on-line classes for the experience. When you finally get to an airline, You'll be doing a lot of training and studying on a "home based" learning system. Much of the material is memorization and familiarization of complex systems and procedures crammed into a few weeks of training.

Here is a great link to research becoming an airline pilot and colleges in the US:

– Flight Training

Thomas Zerbarini

What subjects should I be good to be an airline pilot am in secondary?


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