What is it like to be a pilot of a commercial airliner?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

It's the coolest most rewarding job and career I could ever imagine. I think the next coolest thing would be an astronaut or a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

The success of each routine flight that happens thousands of times a day is the culmination of so many factor working together to ensure the safe and seemingly clockwork operation that makes up a typical airline flight. As a pilot, your are the receiver of all those "services" that provides you with the tools to make that flight go smoothly. It is a team effort to pilot a commercial airliner.

The flying part is the most exciting a rewarding. I particularly enjoy the low visibility days when all the flying is conducted in the clouds and fog. It's the training, knowledge and skill that allows pilots to "fly by instruments" in this no/low visibility environment. Pilots know exactly where they are and where they are going at every moment in these conditions. When we pop out of the clouds during landing at 100 feet or even 50 feet and land the airplane safely and accurately it is a huge sensation of accomplishment and success. Even if its simple for us to do after so many years of training and experience, its still a rewarding rush after every flight.

Thanks for asking that question.

Thomas Zerbarini

What is it like to be a pilot of a commercial airliner?


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