How much does it cost to get a private pilots license?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

You're looking at $10,000 to $14,000.

Private Pilot Rating (FAA)

  • Flight & Ground Instruction
  • Checkride Included
  • Books and Supplies Included
  • 2 Months Housing Included

There are many great schools out there. If you are merely interested in a private for your own personal use in your local area, I would recommend a local school near you. You'll want to get a few estimates and meet a few instructors to pick the one right for you.

If you're interested in a professional career, I'd recommend doing your homework on all the part 141 schools in the US associated with a University. I did most of my training with Aviator.

Aviator Flight Training College

They were originally located Addison TX when I attended. Now, they are in Flroida and have a great program with the local University. The attraction to Aviator for me was the enormous amount of multi-engine time and long cross country IFR I came away with when I finished. It's experience that gained that no other program could match.

Here's a great article from AOPA Flight Training Magazine on How to Choose a Flight School:

– Flight Training

Here's the link for the AOPA Flight Training Magazine on searching the 141 school database:

Flight School Directory

Here is the Aviation College Database Search:

Search the Aviation College Database

Thomas Zerbarini

How much does it cost to get a private pilots license?


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