What are the top 3 main criteria while choosing the name for our future child?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

What my wife and I did with each of our four children included:

  1. Going through name books and asking friends for ideas. We'd write down what we liked and save it to our own personal lists.
  2. Next, we looked up the meaning of each name we liked or placed on our list to get some sense of meaning to it.
  3. We then tried to reflect on some of the names to see how they sound to our full name and if there was anything that can be made into a tease or made fun of growing up.
  4. Finally, during the pre-delivery at the hospital we would do an alternate strike method after combining our lists and narrow it down to three names. Then we'd talk it over a bit about what we liked about the names. Just after delivery when we saw our newborn, we would look at each other and almost instantly say the name we wanted at the same time and it was alway identical.

That's how we did it. It was fun and it really gave depth and background to our children's names. Most of all, we can tell them as they grow up how we picked it, what their name means, what special things happened while picking their names and the feeling we had when they were born and that we both knew the right name as soon as we saw them.

Thomas Zerbarini

What are the top 3 main criteria while choosing the name for our future child?


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