As a pilot (civilian/military) what urge is most difficult to resist?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

Your question implies you're seeking an answer from a pilot with an Impulse Control Disorder:

What Are Impulse Control Disorders?

I do not believe you will find any answers to that question from an experienced aviator. Professional Pilots in general do not have these "urges" to conduct unsafe, unauthorized and/or illegal stunts or acts. We go through many years of training, checking, testing, mental examining and physical probing as a Professional Civil or Military Aviator.

Like myself, I'm sure many pilots have willingly sacrificed an enormous amount of time and social life to get to where we can call ourselves Professionals. We would never put ourselves into a position that would just throw that away. In addition, we have the duty and responsibility to the Safety or our Passengers, Crew, Cargo and Aircraft with which we do not take lightly.

Now, there are many venues, aircraft and opportunities to safely and legally go fast, perform acrobatics, dog fight, and bomb or conduct military maneuvers. If you want to shoot something then seek a career in the military. If you want to go fast and perform aerobatics you can find many aerobatic clubs and businesses that cater to that kind of exciting flying. Here are some places to check out…


Air Combat USA This has to be the most fun you'll have in an airplane.

Sky Combat Ace | Ultimate Extreme Adventure | 888-494-5850

Fighter Pilot For A Day Air Combat Experiences

Fly Fast:

Fly a fighter jet

Jet Fighter Flights in Florida


Fly MIG fighter in Russia. Supersonic aerobatics and edge of space flights

To touch on your final question. The penalty for unauthorized, illegal and unsafe acts or practices would be loss of certification, career, job and most of all someone getting hurt or loss of life. We have rules, procedures and laws to help keep us safe. It's just foolish to push it outside of safe and there is no place for it in aviation.

If you really have the desire to fast and furious, there are venues for that that will not endanger others or yourself.

Thomas Zerbarini

As a pilot (civilian/military)  what urge is most difficult to resist?


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