Why do parents choose homeschooling over preschoool?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

Looking back, I would have preferred to home school our children. The upsides that I see include:

  • Parent involvement
  • We'd have better real time feedback at the strengths and weaknesses in our children's learning. We would be able to taylor and tutor as needed.
  • Creates an independent self learning/teaching attitude.
  • We'd chose the method and details of knowledge.
  • We'd be able to accelerate the learning and introduce concepts and material outside the school system.
  • More time for children to engage in sports, outdoors, crafts, music, etc…

The downside to consider is the fact that the child loses the social aspect of getting along and dealing with the various fun and challenges of classmates. Also, they would not be involved in the chorus, band, school sports, plays, esembly'sand so on.

Many of my friends have opted for home schooling and even online schooling similar to what the colleges have been doing for many years now. In particular,  a friends daughter was a competition horse rider and her practice and meets conflicted with her school schedule. The school would not excuse her absences because they did not recognize her riding as a sport. So, they would penalize her for not being in school. They home schooled her via the internet and she has accelerated in both riding and her studies. She has, however, asked to go back to school for her last two years of high school so that she can be involved socially and have a "graduation."

Thomas Zerbarini

Why do parents choose homeschooling over preschoool?


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