Can people be mistaken about what they feel?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

Absolutely we can.

The important thing to remember is to keep in touch with your feelings and express them often. It's always best to express yourself and your feelings and not bottle them up or surprise them. When we surprise our feelings we lose touch with them and they just build up inside us.

Imagine stuffing a laundry basket with dirty laundry and filling it up over a month or so. After a while you completely forget what is in the laundry basket. The laundry stinks and it bothers you until you take each item out and clean your laundry. I see feelings the same way. If you build them up over time you lose touch with what's stuffed in the bottom. Also, dealing with small amounts of feelings as they come and go is much better than having to deal with a huge pile of buried feelings.

It's also important to consider that we all have the choice on how we feel about anything and everything. Our experiences and our past typically dictate how we react to our feeling; but, you always have the choice to change how you react and feel now and in the future.

Thomas Zerbarini

Can people be mistaken about what they feel?


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