How can I prepare my child to deal with embarrassment or shame?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

I found that sometimes humor and making fun of myself eases feeling bad about embarrassing situations. It also defuses the teasing because it takes the shock out of the teaser's gun.

In fact, I had a similar incident at work in the terminal. I was walking in full uniform and had a sudden "issue." It was just one of those days the airport food did not agree with me. Some of the guys in the crew lounge were laughing about it and I quickly chuckled and said, "yea, I had a poop/toot separator failure." I was still embarrassed but joking about it made me feel better.

I guess for kids, if they can see the potty humor in it and embrace it as a okay oops, it might help. They will still feel embarrassed, and that's okay, its how you accept and deal with the embarrassment going forward. Now he should know some of the warning signs to an impending "poop/toot separator failure."

 If you'd like you can share with your son that it happens to everyone, sometimes, even airlines pilots. Astronauts wear diapers! The first man in space had to pee in his space suit…

Why Alan Shepard Had to Pee In His Space Suit

We all make mistakes, we all have accidents. That's how we learn to ebb and flow in life. It makes us better people.

Thomas Zerbarini

How can I prepare my child to deal with embarrassment or shame?


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