How is the life of a private pilot like?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

It's fantastic! It's also very expensive.

The first passion for a private pilot is of course flying. the second that I have experienced is the camaraderie and "Hanger Flying." Hanger Flying is a term used by pilots that means socializing and exchanging flying stories at the airport.

The life of a private pilot really depends on your purpose and financial means. The more need you have for your own airplane and the amount of money you have to spend on that flying greatly determines how much flying you actually do.

I started out as a private pilot. I became a ground and flight instructor so that I could fly more and build my experience. I did not have much money so I hung around the airport and got to know all the other pilots on the field. the more pilots I met and the better they got to know me and my instructor reputation, they offered me there airplanes for my use. That networking was another way for me to gain experience and flight time.

Thomas Zerbarini

How is the life of a private pilot like?


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