Is it okay to feel lost? I feel like my future is a huge question mark that is never going anywhere.

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

It is absolutely okay to feel lost. Life can be challenging and uncertain.

The great thing is that your already approaching it as the empty canvas it is, a huge question mark!

Life will go where you direct it. Most of us never learn how to direct our lives early in life and we just goof off until we get tired of "going nowhere."

 Try Goal Mapping or Personal Goal Setting!

I have personally used the SMI (Success Motivation International) programs and they are fantastic. There are all kinds of free and paid for goal setting programs advice out there. The important thing is that:

  • You write your goals (your dreams) down,
  • Your write down the steps (small goals) it would take to achieve that goal,
  • You commit to a date of completion that is realistic,
  • You re-assess your goal and your steps to make modifications and corrections as your progress to completion,
  • You stick with it and stay committed with dogged determination to complete your goal.
  • Keep your goals in a binder and add pictures, magazine cutouts and so on like a scrap book to help you imagine or affirmative you goal daily.
  • Try this Goal planner sheet for writing your goals (dreams) down.

You can also read some of the overview material on the SMI website:

Success Motivation International

Or, check out this mapping site:

Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping : FREE templates

Thomas Zerbarini

Is it okay to feel lost? I feel like my future is a huge question mark that is never going anywhere.


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