How do we get more parents involved in their child’s education?

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Answer by Thomas Zerbarini:

It should be a Parent/Teacher/Student coordinated effort.

I would suggest establishing clear expectations of the Student/Teacher and Parent involvement and responsibilities in supporting a child's success in school, especially in regards to homework. This should be a fluid thing where updates, modifications and tweaking would be done on a regular basis via conference.

There also needs to be a support system established for working parents and single parents that simple have limited time and resources to make up teaching time at home that cannot be covered in class. Some ideas could include:

  • A shared tutoring system amongst other parents.
  • After School Program homework assistance.
  • Homework Helpers by older kids.

The problem I have experienced has been Teachers expecting the children's parents to spend significant time at home with the child, especially if the child is falling behind in class. This wouldn't be so terrible; but, I have experienced teachers being inconsistent with their expectations on what and how much should be done at home. It's like we have been dumped on to make up for shortfalls in class or teachers running out of time to cover subjects in class.

Thomas Zerbarini

How do we get more parents involved in their child's education?


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